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DH Vampire FB Mk.5, WG833:GM, WG Cdr E.G.L. Millington, Caledonian Wing Leader, Turnhouse, 1950's
Aviation Archive Cute, cute, cute, but "owe" so expensive. I love the model, despite its many engineering oddities. Two oddities especially are notable: the plastic pieces at the top of the twin booms keep popping off and continually have to be clicked back into place; the nose gear in the extended position tilts to port, and shy of somehow bending the pegs, there isn't anyway to fix the problem.

Nonetheless, I really do like this tiny model, and plan to get another version in the future, though I might have to let my credit card refill...

(While I was taking these pictures, one of the wheel covers went missing, and after tearing the modelroom completely apart, and spending at least an hour digging around, under, and inside file cabinets, beds, and storage bins, I finally found it inside one of my boondockers, which is ankle high and was covered by a jeans cuff, which I had already checked. How the piece got in there I'll never know.)
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA37301
Production run #0861 of 2510


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