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Corgi British

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Kittyhawk "ET953", No. 3 Sqn, RAAF, SqnLdr Bobby Gibbes, Landing Ground 91, Egypt, 1942
Aviation Archive Nose Art Collection. Another colorful Kittyhawk, generally well executed.

There are a few blows in the printing of the national insignia (especially in the tail), but the paint is smooth and generally free of scratches. The only dings caused by the manufacturing process are scratches on the belly, where it looks like the model took a rough ride on a conveyer belt.

The nose-art panel is very well done--good colors and a smooth flat-textured surface. Nose art panels work especially well on the P-40s because of that large expanse of "canvas" just behind the spinner.

Highly recommended for the P-40 collector.

Proof reader headache. Note the printing problems, described below.
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. US35207
Production run #0029 of 2010


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