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Diecast Airplanes
1/48 Warplanes
Marushin Japan

Type Fighter
Marushin item no. S-01
Production run Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
A6M5 Mitsubishi Type 0 carrier-based fighter (Zeke or Zero)
This could be the best Zero mold on the market. Maybe it takes this scale (or larger) to truly get it right, because all the 1/72 molds miss the mark in one way another. In this mold, the wing dihedral is right, the cowling is the correct shape; the fuselage has just the right curves along the top, bottom and sides; the landing gear is the right length; and the canopy would have been correct proportionally if Marushin hadn't made it sliding, necessitating extra height in the center section.

To keep from worrying myself to death about the model collapsing, and because I decided not to get stands, and because there is no box to store the model in anyway (without disassembling), I decided to glue the gear in the down position. Besides, the model can't be disassembled because I glued in (as well as screwed on) the wings, and also glued on the cowling and horizontal tail fins. I know that's being naughty, but it just doesn't seem right to treat these models as push-togethers.

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