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Hobby Master United States

Type Pursuit
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Distribution 0619 of 1600

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
P-51D Mustang, 353rd FS, 354th FG, 1945 "Lt. Col. Glenn Eagleston"
Air Power Series. Nice job here with all the usual Hobby Master attention to detail in painting and printing. However, a couple of manufacturing errors did creep in, at least with my copy. For one, and minor no doubt, but still annoying: The aerial is tilted to one side and can't be corrected. For the other, the canopy won't slide without having to apply a lot of nerve-wracking muscle power on the very thin plastic. Something is blocking the path, and I tried not to tempt fate by opening the canopy too often while taking pictures. Hobby Master did get the flaps right, and they fit perfectly, with no tendency to droop. The pilot sits a bit oddly: HM gave the guy a round bottom, which, while anatomically correct, causes him to tip to one side or the other in the cockpit.

The one issue I still have with this mold is the weight. While using less hefty materials does save money (and that is important), the HM Fw 190A and Spitire Mk I in the same scale are a lot more weighty and have a more solid feel. It's strange that Hobby Master would put so much metal into those models, but skimp on this one. For some collectors (maybe most) this isn't awfully important, but for me I need more heft to feel I've received value.

With diecast prices going up (at least for the larger scales such as 1/200 airliners and 1/48 warbirds), my buying is trending more and more back to 1/72. Thankfully, Corgi is producing new versions of WWII Spitfire and Hurricane types in 1/72. Question is, will they produce a new 1/72 Mustang to replace that type's decidedly out-of-date mold introduced a decade ago? Also, will they reactivate their excellent P-38 Lightning and P-40E/F Warhawk molds? Then there's the aging German Bf 109E and Fw 190A molds. In the end, will Corgi continue to reinvigorate their range of 1/72 models for those of us looking for newer diecast versions of our favorate planes at affordable prices? The world waits.

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