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1/48 Warplanes
Hobby Master United States

Type Fighter
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Distribution Unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Boeing 218 (P-12 Prototype), X66W, Feb 1932, "Lt. Robert Short - American Hero for China"
Air Power Series. Again, this Hobby Master mold is fabulous, and the manufacturing follow-through is unparalleled. Unfortunately, prices have gotten so high for these things (jewels though they be), that I have to wait for some kind of vendor stress sale before I can buy one. In the case of this model, it was a double-stress sale (overstock plus coupon, I believe) that made it affordable. Fortunately for me, if not for the vendor, the relative unpopularity of these models, plus HM's penchant for producing them in "unlimited" quantities, makes overstocking almost inevitable. But still, like the stressed vendor, I'm barely hanging in there.

Yellow color, for those who care. Sorry about the brightness of the yellow. I tried to get the yellow in the pictures to match the yellow on the model, at least as interpreted by a Dell flat screen monitor. My Nikon DSLR washes out dark yellow, making it pastel-like or yellow-daisy-like. (Compare these pictures to those taken by vendors and by HM, and you'll see what I mean.) To darken the yellow, I used the color adjustment feature under white balance/incandescent, selecting the setting A2/M2, which is the most extreme white balance adjustment I've applied (the setting goes as far as A6/M6, but I can't emagine ever going there). The resulting color match between the actual model and the screen image is close, though admittedly inexact, and still too light. Also, the adjustments resulted in a bit of magenta in the blue, which is why I decided to go no further. As far as the models used in the background, maybe they should have been in more neutral colors. In any case--this is the last time I'll try to match a color so closely: color effect is more important than color exactness.

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