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Type Fighter
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F2A-3 Buffalo "2-MF-13", MCAS Ewa, VMF-221, Hawaii, April 1942
Air Power Series. Superb model with fine detailing and a very clean wash applied to the panel lines. The pilot is spit and polish, and the exterior paint job is smooth and unmarred. If I was to nit-pick, I'd mention the piece of paint hanging off the end of one of the prop blades, and the filing that has to be done at the top of the landing gear yoke to make it fit. But, hey, why go there. Alternately, this is one of the few models I've worked with that has landing gear that actually folds neatly into the wing and fuselage unlike models requiring two separate sets of gear, up and down. The landing gear guys hit it right on the head, so nothing but kudos. Lastly, the model has a great quality feel, with a silky finish and plenty of heft. Great job, HM.

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