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Hobby Master German

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Fw 190A-8/R2 11 (Sturm)/JG.3, Unteroffizier Willi Maximowitz, Dreux, France 1944
Air Power Series. What a mess! No, no, not the model; just Diecastium in general. There are so many releases each month that unless you've got bottomless pockets (and unlimited room), you don't know whether to run screaming or to just scream. To choose carefully, to show discernment, to be studied and reasonable, to buy within means--what a pain. Yes, the pain of diecast addiction--and there is no bigger pusher of new releases than Hobby Master, with a monthly list of new offerings as long as your arm. At least Corgi, the teaser, keeps its monthly model releases within reasonable limits (as well as making sure new models are always one or two months, or years, late). To make matters worse, excellent little companies keep popping up (think Phoenix 72), and great middle-of-the-line companies like SkyMax add new models each month. And soon, all too soon, Aviation 72 will be adding its little lovelies to the mix.

But, and in the meantime, I renewed my Corgi collectors membership yesterday (don't ya just love that little card?), which means Corgi's October/March catalog should land in the mail soon. And a new catalog from a diecast vendor just arrived. Oh, and this is a beautiful Fw 190A, a worthy tribute to the real bird.

Yes, what a lovely mess!
Type Fighter
Hobby Master item no. HA7404
Production run 0373 of 1000

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