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Hawker Fury I, 43 Sqn RAF "K1930"
Air Power Series. First flight of the real plane was in March, 1931. The box blurb lists the engine as the Rolls Royce Kestrel (a version of which powered the Messerschmitt Bf 109V-1, the first of that series). (There are two other interesting things about that first '109: it had a wooden, two bladed propeller much like the Fury I; and the extended landing gear was braced with a bar between the left and right struts to keep the gear from collapsing. Obviously, this presaged the collapsing landing gear problems on Corgi's '109E diecast.)

It is surprising to see such a rare bird in diecast. HM seems to have refined the craft of mold making to new heights of engineering, rather than to the heights of art that used to rule the trade. The model is clean and well assembled, the two notable achievements being the close fitting prop (no sags there), and the well applied paint and markings. If you're into collecting our double-winged predecessors, be sure to get this first release of the Fury I.

One British type I would like to see in diecast is the tough looking Bristol Bulldog. An American type would be the non-military (though it did see some service in WWII) Beech Staggerwing, which would be shear poetry in diecast.
Type Fighter
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