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Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Spitfire Mk. 1 "DW-N", Flt Lt John Ellis, No 610 Sqn, Biggin Hill, July 1940
Air Power Series. The box contains just three things: one pilot figure, one diecast airplane, and one stand set. But, after taking the contents out, I felt like the evil wizard (hee, hee) who just found, at last, the brilliant jewel he had quested for all his evily wizardly career. And what a jewel it is! Again, I have to paraphrase my only memorable comment (at least I think I remember) in the last Hobby Master 1/48 I covered: this is probably the finest diecast Spitfire Mk I made in any scale by anyone, anytime.

The colors are magnificent, the manufacturing quality is Ferrari-like, and the heft is just right. If dropped (heaven forbid), the model won't put a hole in the floor, but it will give a Marushin diecast a race to terminal velocity. The canopy is a slider, which usually louses up the scale in that part of the model, but HM pulled off a minor miracle by getting everything just right visually. The landing gear is not detachable, but cycles up and down much like some Marushin models.

I have a wizardly sight of online retailers stocking and singing and singing and stocking until well past Christmas.
Type Fighter
Hobby Master item no. HA7801
Production run Unlimited


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