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Diecast Airplanes
1/48 Warplanes
Corgi German

Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA38905
Production run 1191 of 1500

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Fokker D.VII - Oblt. Erich Lowenhardt, Jagd. 1, Jasta 10, Puisieux-Ferme, August 1918

Aviation Archive. Another German/Corgi color-bomb.

A personal observation about wartime camo, or lack thereof: The side that seems to be more confident (and wins more often), or has the superior organization, seems to have the most colorful planes: observe German superiority in WWI reflected in their aerial rainbowing; then think of the increasingly loud color schemes of the USAAF versus the dank greys, blues, and tans of the surviving German forces in WWII. In the pacific, the Japanese stuck with either navy or army green camo, while the USAAF went over to natural metal, and the USN to dark blue (a color I have never understood, since it must have stuck out like a sore thumb against the sky).

Another observation about this model: I should have noted in my last review of the D.VII that they are almost 60% plastic. The only metal seems to be in the fuselage sides and top, as well as the bottom wing. This model weights only about half as much as the lovely Sopwith Camel shown in some of these pictures. This is just more evidence that plastic is taking over the diecast market. The reason is probably economic, since the price of these 60% to 75% plastic-but-supposedly diecast planes has been climbing precipitously for the last few years, and plastic will always be cheaper than metal.


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