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Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
Spad XIII - No. 23 Sqn RFC, Capt William M Fry, January 1918
Aviation Archive. A most excellent zoom-zoom, which is probably why I had to go to someone other than my usual online vendor to get it. For some reason (probably that normal condition of being broke), these bi wings don't sell particularly fast, so I was surprised when the model disappeared from the regular seller's "shelf".

The colors on the model are extremely rich, though there were some scratches on the upper wing, which I'm sure came from mishandling at the factory. Hopefully, this isn't a sign that Corgi/Hornby is slipping back to being just Corgi, because that would be very bad for the diecast part of me--the part that pounds its head against walls and cries over opened boxes. We've all noticed a slippage in Corgi's delivery promises, promises that were once broken freely, then obeyed (for a short time) religiously, and now...what?

One of the background Spads in some of these photos was manufactured by Matchbox. In a bow to Matchbox, that company's pilot figure is much better sculpted, and much closer to the proper scale.

Anyway, anyone into Corgi's WWI 1/48 collection would be amiss to miss this one (hint: Aiken's still has a few as of this update--and no, I'm just a buyer--but on occasion people ask).
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA37904
Production run 0851 of 1100

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