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Sopwith Camel - F2137, Capt D R MacLaren, 46 Sqn RFC, Athies, October 1918
Aviation Archive. Hopefully, it only seems I'm starting to repeat myself. After all, at my age, one gets a bit sensitive about forgetfulness! After doing portraits of so many German 1/48 WWI types, my original intention was to catch up some of Corgi's British types. However, there does seem to be some sameness here that can't be glossed over. This Camel is green; the last one was brown. This one has grain on the prop; tha last one didn't. Neither pilot has a painted mustach. That's about it for this report.

Non sequitur. Doing this, I was listening to my "The Letterman" station on Pandora, and somehow I got from that group to Elvis in a strange progression that only Pandora could explain (and believe me, they'll try if you inquire). The station then went to playing Buddy Holly and Fats Domino and on and on to other '50s and '60s singers, which of course led to much thought about age (see above). Why, you ask? Well, I remember these songs from when they first came out! Talk about older than Methuselah. (We were talking about Methuselah, weren't we? Anyone?)
Type Fighter
Corgi item no. AA38105
Production run 0754 of 1050

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