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Diecast Airplanes
1/48 Warplanes
Carousel 1 United States

Type Fighter
Carousel 1 item no. 6121
Production run unlimited

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014
P-36A Hawk, 46th Pursuit Squadron, 15th Pursuit Group, Wheeler Field, Hawaii 7 December 1941, Lt. Philip Rasmussen (3 victories)
Carousel? 1/48 scale? I must be going mad! I've always ignored Carousel because all the models offered were 1/48, and expensive. However, I began dabbling in new 1/48 models offered by Hobby Master and Corgi. Then, Carousel called it quits and some vendors lowered the Carousel prices by 40%, down to the levels of HM and Corgi 1/48 offerings. Yes, at that point I went mad! I bought six models just like that, and wanted more, yes, more! Gad, where's my Valium?

This model seems to epitomize Carousel's modeling style, which appears to be: keep it simple, avoid those clumsy moveable control surfaces, refrain from loading the model with unnecessary extras like bombs and fuel tanks, and apply a solid paint job over minimalist body panels that are not marred by fake, overdone riveting. The resulting models were ment to be displayed rather than played with. Amen!

By the way, the story of Lt. Rasmussen is most inspiring, and worth a look-up on the Internet. I read once that the Japanese air crews were surprised at how fast our guns opened up after the Pearl Harbor attack started. The quick reaction of the Army pilots and ground crews was a perfect example of that quick reaction. It was professional in every way.

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