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Dragon Wings

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C-5B Galaxy "Camouflage colors", 60th AW
A well-put-together Dragon confection, with all the parts in the right place, and all the paint, trim, and insignia sharp and neatly applied. However, the plane in general is an oddball. Does the airforce really think they can hide a plane this big amongst the trees? And why did they select the colors they did? It seems the camouflage selected for the first C-5B would be more effective against a cement runway or flying under, over, or through clouds. Anyway, that's not the problem of Dragon Wings, and they did well with what they had to work with. (Maybe cement colored camouflage with tar lines running through it would work...)

See this Galaxy below with its update partner, the Antonov Airlines An-124.

DW item no. 55785
Production run of model Limited (production stopped)
Registration no. none

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