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B727-221A Clipper Goodwill, Late 1980s Billboard Colors, Last Official Flight from Bridgetown, Barbados to Miami, Florida
Limited Edition. Having a Pavlovian response to every Pan Am release, I always start drooling when a new one is announced. I then order immediately. Others must do the same, because this one sold out even before it was received by the vendors.

A wonderful, all metal model, with tight-fitting wings, tailplane, and fin structure, it is truly a delight to own. The landing gear is all metal with excellent detailing. The PAN AM globe and logo are printed sharp and clear, and excellent colors are used throughout.

The only flaw is the right-wing gear assembly, which is pushed in farther than the left. This gives the model a slight tilt to the right. The gear can't be loosened, and I don't want to fiddle with it and take the chance of scratching the paint, so the problem remains.

Tarmac threesome. Click here and here to see the B727 update partners for this model.

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Pan Am item no. N/A
Production run of model 500 units
Registration no. N368PA


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