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An-124 Antonov Airlines
Limited edition. Mostly well done model, with quality paint and excellent assembly. The landing gear is detailed, and has rubber tires.

There were a couple painting problems. On the fuselage, just under the tailplane, the paint is a bit wavy, and the darker blue lines don't meet at the centerline. In addition, on the left wing tip, the red paint that represents the navigation light on the leading edge of the wing was smeared during manufacture, and the resulting red paint had to be cleaned off.

Also, the way the wing is attached to the body appears a bit heavy-handed. It is too bad the wings couldn't have been slipped into notches in the sides of the fuselage instead of being layed on top. Alternately, it is too bad the wing wasn't blended into the fuselage with some type of filler.

Antonov is displayed below with its update partner, C-5B 60th AW.

GJ item no. GJADB581
Production run of model 2,000 units
Registration no. UR-82027

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