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Diecast Airplanes
1/400 Civil and Military

Photographs Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

Vickers Super VC-10, British airways
After waiting seemingly forever for this model, I ended up being sorely disappointed. GeminiJets included their as-usual excellent print quality and rugged construction in the model, but then added one (to me) serious construction flaw and two (to me) silly gewgaws that were real turnoffs.

Leaning to port. The fin tilts noticably to the left. This is a real problem in a small-scale model in which the fin and tailplane unit is such a prominant feature. I've seen this kind of factory goof in one other 1/400-scale model, and that model didn't have the T-tail, a feature that makes the problem that much more noticeable.

My model, my toy. The GeminiJets modelers included both a moveable tailplane and little rubber tires to their creation. Unfortunately, since I get my models by mail, and didn't know about either feature before ordering, or I would have never bought the model. (Because I ordered the GeminiJets VC-10, I missed out on the AeroClassics model of the same airplane, and am still kicking myself.)

The tailplane is designed to move up and down, and not knowing that, I thought the tailplane had come loose and needed to be re-attached. I did a lot of twisting and pulling on the thing before realizing it was supposed to be the way it was. Due to excellent construction, the tailplane stayed attached (kudos).

The little rubber tires were all mounted crooked, which made the undercarriage look for all the world like a drunken caterpillar (no kudos). After a little work, I was able to get the things more or less aligned.

Summary. All in all, I take my models straight (or solid, if you will), and this red-tail BA just wasn't my cup of tea.

GJ item no. GJBAW658
Production run of model 1,500 units
Registration no. G-ASGP


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