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Blue Box

Photograph Copyright © Collin Riley 2005-2014

B747-44AFSCD UPS, 2003 colors

Limited edition. Weird would describe the box, pretty good would describe the model. The model is obviously a knockoff, but it is a pretty good one, and all the assembled parts are straight and true, and the paint is very good.

Funny Ha-Ha box. According to Wings900.com, the model was produced by Blue Box in 2005. The box is a bit beat-up and looks like it had been passed from dealer to dealer until a sucker could be found (that's me). Not only was the model a back-room production, but the box was apparently designed and printed by non-English speakers. Check out the typos (to be kind) on the box side panel and bottom.

There is absolutely no model maker's ID on the box, a sure sign the model was produced without permission of the 1:1 scale airplane manufacturer or UPS.

Blue Box item no. NA
Production run of model 300
Registration no. None

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