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For diecast collectors who can't stop buying, buying, buying, despite financial hardships, disappointing quality, missed delivery dates, long waits for pre-orders, and being ostracized by friends and family.

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03/01 Spitfire VII Type G
No. 1 PRU
  03/05 Fokker Dr. I
Lt. Kempf
03/16 FG-1D Corsair
Capt. Folmar
  03/16 F4U-4A Corsair
off Korea. 1950
03/29 P-40E Warhawk
Aluetian Islands

P-38J Lightning
Scrapiron IV

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For waterline constructors who constantly buy new kits even though they have a multi-year backlog of never-started or unfinished ships; who research constantly; who poor over paint charts, and strip and repaint each model at least twice; and who treat each waterline ship like a jewel, even though it is flawed and nowhere as good as the other guy's.

Waterline Ships
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